Our Employees

Our Employees

Ndim Technologies is committed to ensuring our employees have a safe working environment utilizing safe work practices. We are EVERIFY approved by the USIS as an authorized holder for sponsorship of workforce to fill nominated skilled workforce in USA under the H1B visa program.

Can we sponsor you?

Yes, But Before we can sponsor you, we first need a specific project for you.

I have found a role, can you sponsor me?

Yes – if you have found a position, applied and been successful we can help you with your H1B visa application. Many of our clients have found the perfect candidate for a role however they need to obtain the correct working rights. We will discuss the minimum requirements for the visa for you.

  • To remain in IT employment with Ndim Technologies

  • At all times carry private Health Cover to cover themselves and their dependents.

  • To advise any change of address and contact details.

  • To advise any change in their personal status i.e. marriage, separation, divorce, birth of child etc.

  • To notify Ndim Technologies if they intend to travel overseas and duration of the travel.